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Local area marketing for PARRAMATTA 2150 (NSW)

Send targeted direct mail to new residents in

  • We know of 35 new residents moving into PARRAMATTA (NSW) during June 2022.
  • Start marketing to these new Parramatta residents today
  • Only target Parramatta residents who are close enough to become regulars
  • More new residents in 2150 NSW

We offer a low cost solution to send direct mail to all new residents moving into 2150, NSW. No contracts or expensive commitments.

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Where do you find the customers that are just around the corner?

Unlike traditional direct mail services, Smart Letters technology unlocks the ability to directly target only the newcomers to your neighbourhood.

Smart Letters gives your business the first-mover advantage in your local area.

New residents will actively seek out their new local cafe, wine shop, child care provider, pizza shop, thai takeaway, pharmacy, chiropractor, dentist, gardening service, but to name a few.

Finding the new "local" is an essential part of the settling in process as well as part of the excitement of moving into a new neighbourhood.

Smart Letters lets you reach these newcomers whilst they're in search and discover mode. Welcome newcomers to the neighbourhood with targeted direct mail straight into their letterbox within 30 days of their arrival.

Be the first to welcome newcomers to the neighbourhood and increase the chances of your business becoming part of their "local" service choices.

As easy as 1, 2, 3 to be the first to welcome newcomers to the neighbourhood


Sign up here and select the neighbourhoods you want to directly target. Choose only your neighbourhoods or expand your reach to surrounding suburbs.


Select how many new residents you wish to target. Upload your A4 Flyer Offer welcoming them to the neighbourhood with a special offer.


Smart Letters will print and post your offer using Australia Post, delivering your welcome offer directly to the letterboxes of only the newcomers to your neighbourhood.

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