Helping pharmacies grow their business month after month.

Learn how Pharmacies are using SmartLetters to find new customers who live just around the corner.

Unlike traditional direct mail services for Pharmacies, SmartLetters technology unlocks the ability to directly target only the newcomers to your neighbourhood.

There's a top ten list of new and local services that new residents need to find when they move into a new neighbourhood. Pharmacies make this list every time. Whether it just be for cold and flu medicine, Pharmacist advice or regular prescription services, we can help new residents find your business first. Chances are after the first visit you'll have them coming back for years to come.

People leave neighbourhoods and people join them all the time. Replacing moved on customers with those who have arrived isn't as easy as it should be.

Finding a cost effective solution that works but doesn't cost a fortune has always been a challenge faced by small businesses.

That was until Smart Letters combined direct mail marketing with smart technology to create a marketing solution that avoids the blanket mail out approach and makes sure you are only paying to reach newcomers not all the residents in a neighbourhood.

Welcome newcomers to the neighbourhood with targeted direct mail straight into their letterbox within 30 days of their arrival with Smart Letters and let us help your business grow.

Smart Letters gives you first mover advantage over your competitors. Smart Letters is designed to provide a simple, effective and low cost method of bringing new clients to your door month after month.

As easy as 1, 2, 3 to be the first to welcome newcomers to the neighbourhood


Sign up here and select the neighbourhoods you want to directly target. Choose only your neighbourhoods or expand your reach to surrounding suburbs.


Select how many new residents you wish to target. Upload your A4 Flyer Offer welcoming them to the neighbourhood with a special offer.

Offering a 10% welcome to the neighbourhood discount can be enough to win their regular business.


Smart Letters will print and post your offer using Australia Post, delivering your welcome offer directly to the letterboxes of only the newcomers to your neighbourhood.