Helping Health Professionals grow their business month after month.

Learn how Medical Clinics and Allied Health Professionals are using SmartLetters to find new patients who live just around the corner.

Unlike traditional direct mail services for Medical Centres, SmartLetters technology unlocks the ability to directly target only the newcomers to your neighbourhood.

Even the busiest and most reputable of Medical Clinics and Allied Health Professionals find themselves regularly needing to replace patients who have moved on, moved away or had a change in circumstances.

Fortunately finding new medical services for the family is an essential part of the settling into the new neighbourhood process. It's often top of the list of 'must finds'.

Finding these newcomers used to be a game of chance and required blanket marketing and the hope that your messages would reach the newcomers by default.

That was until Smart Letters combined direct mail marketing with smart technology to create a marketing solution that avoids the blanket mail out approach and makes sure you are

As easy as 1, 2, 3 to be the first to welcome newcomers to the neighbourhood


Sign up here and select the neighbourhoods you want to directly target. Choose only your neighbourhoods or expand your reach to surrounding suburbs.


Select how many new residents you wish to target. Upload your A4 Flyer Offer welcoming them to the neighbourhood with a special offer.

Offering the first consultation free, bulk billed or discounted can be enough to bring them to your doors.


Smart Letters will print and post your offer using Australia Post, delivering your welcome offer directly to the letterboxes of only the newcomers to your neighbourhood.